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While it is a great sadness to know a loved one is dead and his body is lying far from home, the greater tragedy is those known to have been prisoners of war who did not return, and those who are missing in action.

Since the war ended, "several million documents" and "over 250,000 interviews" have been reviewed relating to Americans prisoner, missing or unaccounted for in Southeast Asia. Many officials who have reviewed this largely-classified information are convinced that hundreds of Americans are still alive in captivity today.

These reports increase the agony for families who want to know what happened to their sons, fathers and brothers. If, as the U.S. Government seems to believe, all the men are dead, it's time the information was declassified so that all can understand the fates of these heroes. If, as many believe, men are still alive, it's time they were brought home to bring the war in Vietnam to an honorable end.

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to keep pushing this issue inside the Beltway. The need to get specific answers is more important now than ever before. If still alive, some MIAs are now in their 70s. They don't have much time left. We have to demand the answers from the bureaucrats and keep standing on their necks (figuratively speaking) until they get the message that THEY work for US and that we are serious about getting these long overdue responses. Diplomatic considerations aside...

Write your government officials. Let them know WE CARE about these abandoned men and women! To obtain email addresses for the Senate, Congress and White House, and some sample letters, click the White House banner:

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We can no longer allow questionable protocols established by pseudo-aristocratic armchair strategists, to determine or influence the fate of the men who were in the trenches while the diplomats were sharing sherry and canapes and talking about "Their Plans" for the future of SE Asia.

To learn more about the POWs and MIAs, and help the cause, please visit  Operation Just Cause  and adopt your own MIA. We can't rest until they're all home.


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